A first of its kind N- Board seeks to bring all Malayalee entrepreneurs across the world together and unite Malayalees globally by means of systematic networking with the aim of strengthening friendship and mutual support, promoting women, children & youth, health, education, business and professional career, personality development, social discipline. We plan to have a network of Malayalee business people and entrepreneurs around the world to help the Malayalee businesses to enhance their horizon and expand their business activities through mutual cooperation. N- Board will offer solutions and look into the needs and problems of resident and non-resident Indians, especially Malayalees and to offer solutions for it.

Being distinct form a host of other Malayalee Associations we work towards the concept of networking Malaylees all across the Globe With their ingenious talents and entrepreneurship, which comes tampered and augmented through the local experience and technology of the place where they live, provides a wonderful opportunity for dissemination of knowledge, technology and joint initiatives. Our potential is huge as we are the largest ethnic organization in the world spread across 53 countries.

N- Board recognizes the revolutionary transformation taking place at global levels as a result of quantum leaps in technology and to utilize this possibility to facilitate a dynamic link between the Malayalee experience, expertise and entrepreneurship in the developing and the developed countries for the invigoration of the Malayalee Community at large.

Our main aim is to work closely with the people of Kerala origin across the globe for effectively promoting their integration, exchange, cooperation, empowerment and recognition through programs, projects and institutions of innovative nature in the fields of economic, cultural and social enhancement and empowerment to augment and channelize the Social capital of the Malayalee Community for a productive and sustainable future.

“Dream up the future”

Our VISION at N-Board aims to discuss and accelerate new developments, technological developments, policies, etc. in the global industrial and commercial sectors and to take constructive action among the members and to further enhance the initiatives by fostering reciprocity and friendliness; thus being focused on balancing a sustainable growth with social good through the creation of a sustainable future society.

The MISSION of the N-Board is to enable Malayalee business entrepreneurs from all over the world to become members, thereby ensuring mutual cooperation and partnership and expanding the scope of operations of the N-Board. We further strive to protect and preserve the integrity and values of our organization by strictly maintaining these principles and encourage people of Malayalee origin to participate at all levels of public service to build a stronger community.


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